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Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate the World about our shared history by creating objective, concise, and entertaining historical content. 

The idea for Truth Serum began when we observed similar issues during the 2016 US Presidential Election Campaign and the UK's Brexit from the European Union. 

First, fake news ran rampant, and media bias was (and still is) pervasive. On both sides of the aisle (conservative & liberal), media companies covered stories based on their political agendas. In doing so, the focus on click-bait headlines and biased reporting further divided society rather than helping it progress. 

Second, while watching some of the viral videos that permeated social media, we observed that many native citizens were unable to answer fundamental questions about their country's origins.

To combat these issues, we must build a foundation to foster informed discussion. History increases our understanding of the past which catalyzes thoughtful dialogue about the future.

That’s why we created Truth Serum. To learn more about Truth Serum's origins and purpose, read our
founder's article on what compelled him to launch TS

Also, see our video below as to why you should care about history. Thanks for being here.